Susan is a semi-retired (when your heart calls you to act, you must respond) marriage and family therapist who, since she has been semi-retired, has been on the fast lane of a spiritual journey – (think Han Solo in hyper-speed!) Susan is described (by the daughter-in-law who likes her) as “odd.” Susan is a Licensed Professional Counselor with a double Master’s from The University of Akron in Communication and Marriage and Family Therapy. She is a Clinical Member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists. She is the author of two self help books: The Many Faces of PTSD and The Many Faces of Anxiety. The Many Faces of Depression is due out in 2015. She has also written two novels, Heart 1.5 and Only Her Naked Courage. Her books are available on this website as well as on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. She is a frequent presenter for local and national workshops and conventions.

Tony is currently a seminary student who has a Master’s degree in Theological studies and holds an MBA, and Electrical Engineering degrees as well. Tony is described (by his mother) as “special.”

They live in different states, work in different professions and met by accident. Both of them have made more mistakes in life than you have ever dreamed of. However, both of them have come to believe that it is not what happens to us in life, but what we do about what happens to us in life that makes us who we are. And they do know this: We’re on a journey where we’re listening and learning and loving everyone and everything that comes our way. We believe everything happens for a reason and even when we can’t see or imagine it, God truly is in charge. And God truly is love. We welcome your company as we humbly, honestly and humorously trudge onward.