Many Faces of Anxiety



Real-world examples abound in this resource that provides a basic context for understanding how anxiety affects   people and those around them. The author shares 12 cases of various clients with whom she has worked and paints detailed, clear pictures of the many reasons people become anxious and the disguises anxiety takes in their lives. Tools and techniques for reducing anxiety are interspersed throughout each section. The dozen stories in this book are told in layman’s language with a great deal of humor and compassion and will aid sufferers, families, and friends in bringing patience and awareness to the process of identifying, understanding, and healing from panic and anxiety




Many Faces of PTSD




Person-centered instead of theory-centered, this resource provides a basic context for understanding how post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) affects people and those around them. Compassionate, firsthand knowledge of the different ways in which PTSD manifests itself are described throughout the 12 case studies examined in this guide. Bringing this mental health issue to light for sufferers, families, and friends, these stories illuminate the confusion that often surrounds the behaviors and reactions.




Heart 1.5 More Than Just Heart



College teaching assistant Ruth Tyack is excitedly planning for a new job in Rome when she falls in love with Tom, a poet and guest-lecturer at the college. Despite their intense feelings for each other, Ruth and Tom must part after a single romantic together. Tom is married and has too much respect for his wife and a deep bond with his special needs’ son. In Italy, Ruth is caught up in a whirlwind romance with Bruno, the scion of an aristocratic family. Their marriage is happy but brief as Bruno is killed in an auto accident and, in her grief.



Only Her Naked Courage

her naked courage


After being kidnapped, Sara has undergone torture and sadistic abuse for almost a year and is now a terror-filled shell. Will her courage be sufficient to see her through? Once Sara re-emerges, several mysteries remain. Who kidnapped her? Why are strange things happening at the hospital? Where is the maniac responsible and what is he planning next? A fast-paced, heart-warming story remains to be told after Sara is found. Despite a devoted husband, and a large support network, it is ultimately up to Sara to chart a course back to sanity. Stocker’s novel is a rich story of characters that grow, of faith that develops, and of love that deepens—told as only a therapist can tell it.

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